September 23, 2021
4:19 AM
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PT Global Interinti Industry starting the vegetable oil bussiness in 1995, especially the manufacture of palm cooking oil, coconut oil and their by products. During the early years of its establishment, PT Global Interinti Industry focused on maintaining sizeable share in the domestic market in East Java territory.

Get started from that base, PT Global Interinti Industry steadily expanded its domestic market to Central Java and PT Global Interinti Industry still consistently continuing to enlarge the market to the entire archipelago of Indonesia as one of the prestigious vision in the future.

One of the big domestic suppliers in Java island, namely; Charoen Pokhphand Indonesia, CJ Feed, as well as Japfa Comfeed. Meanwhile, PT Global Interinti Industry was approached by international buyers and consumers, convincingly found itself expanding its markets beyond national boundaries into the global market area.

List Certified Mill (RSPO)
    * PT. Mitra Mendawai Sejati

List Non Certified Mill
    * PT. Palm Mas Asri

    Last Update : 1 Agustus 2021
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