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CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and Processing & Technology
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CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and Processing & Technology

There are two major process involve :

  1. Physical Refinery
    In refinery section, CRUDE PALM OIL (CPO) begin the initial process to lose the impurities, phospholipid and Fatty Acid in heating process. Phospolipid is being uncontaminated by addition of the chemical substance named Phosphoric Acid, this process named degumming. After CPO being free from phospolipid, Bleaching Earth mixed into the liquid to uncontaminated the Fatty Acid. Bleaching Earth will also absorbing the dark color of the CPO. Amount of Bleaching Earth being added depends on the quality of the CPO, quality of Bleaching Earth and the process temperature. After the process, bleaching earth have to be removed from the oil by the filter press in Niagara filter and from this process we got clearer oil. Flow from here, the process run to deodorization. It is the process steam distillation with the vacuum pressure to make the oil odorless and unflavored. It will also remove the contamined FFA (Free Fatty Acid). At the end of this process we got REFINED BLEACHED and DEODORIZED PALM OIL (RBDPO) and PFAD (PALM FATTY ACID DISTILLATE ).
  2. Palm Oil Fractionation
    In this section, continued from Physical Refinery, high temperature RBDPO will be process in Crystalizer to bring it to the lower temperature. Here is the main goal of this process. To obtain different form of oil from this separation process by the difference of temperature. RBDPO will be break down into two parts depend on their melting point. One with lower melting point in liquid form named OLEIN and the other with higher melting point in solid form named STEARIN.

    OLEIN is what we called Edible oil, that we use in daily range household as a cooking oil , mean while STEARIN is the base ingredient to make margarine, shortening, soap, a cosmetic industry and etc.
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