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CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and Processing & Technology
CPKO Process and Technology
CNO Process and Technology
CNO Process and Technology

The Qualified copra being analyzed in laboratory to measured the Moisture Content (MC) and Oil Content (OC).Copra being loaded in feeder silo to be crushed in Copra Expeller machine. This process will result in CNO (CRUDE COCONUT OIL) and Copra Expeller Cake (Bungkil kopra). CNO from the storage flows with the help of pump into the mixer storage, here PA (Phosporic acid) being added in order to remove the Free Fatty Acid content, all the process occur in high temperature. After that, bleaching process begin by adding Bleaching Earth (a kind of mineral absorbing dark color) in the oil and followed by active carbon to make coconut oil color more clear and sparkling. After discoloration process, oil being filtered by Niagara Filter. To make the oil odorless, it had to be deodorized. In deodorization process, the oil process in high temperature and pressure to make it odorless and unflavored. The process finish with the end product called Refined Bleached Deodorized Coconut Oil (RBDCNO).

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